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Phala Data delivers actionable insight to Business Leaders.

Phala Data’s innovative MiRi™ Analytic Platform is a comprehensive, modern Big Data analytics software platform that optimizes how global enterprises execute their go-to-market, business and, operational strategies. MiRi, deemed by industry analysts to be amongst the “Third Wave” of Big Data Analytics solutions, delivers a single control point to business leaders, so they can make data-driven decisions across all the levers they control—go-to-market, business, and operational strategies.

“MiRi delivered clear-cut and valuable revenue insight to our management team. In fact, I leveraged the tool in a regional sales kickoff meeting immediately following our initial POC completion.”

Tom Joyce
Dell Software Group
Senior Vice President & General Manager

Siloed data and diverging truths hinder business leader decision-making

Go-to-Market, business, and operational strategy silos ultimately impact growth and revenue

Phala Data focuses on breaking through organizational silos to solve end-to-end business challenges. Businesses cannot succeed by independently optimizing go-to-market, business, and operational strategies. MiRi helps business leadership answer questions like:

What is the ideal customer profile for a product or group of products?

Which marketing campaign best supports which sales team in each region and vertical?

What combination of products fares best against the competition?

What pricing strategy wins more deals and greater margin?

Today, each silo in an organization—Marketing, Sales, and Finance—answers these questions first, and then seeks information from systems (Marketing Automation, CRM, and ERP) to justify their answers, creating unproductive and unnecessary contention between Marketing, Sales, and Finance.


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A single source of truth

Phala Data’s MiRi Analytic Platform delivers actionable insight, by transforming the data from your go-to-market, business, and operational silos into analytic-driven business recommendations.

The MiRi Analytic Platform’s patent-pending technology correlates Marketing, Sales and Finance data using a scale-out, schema-free big data lake to create a single source of truth. It then leverages advanced machine and deep-learning algorithms to provide intelligent, action-ready insights. Finally, it delivers a single control point from which to monitor and run your go-to-market, business, and operational efforts.


100% visibility across go-to-market, business, and operational impact.


10% revenue loss from misaligned sales and marketing.


1 source of truth for business decision clarity.

Trend Analysis

Learn from your data

Amplify your sales and marketing spends, validate product adoption, simplify business strategy, and gather invaluable competitive intelligence.

The MiRi™ Analytic Platform

An Innovative Software Solution

The MiRi Analytic Platform delivers consolidated, comprehensive insight into a secure, streamlined, and elegant business control station. MiRi correlates data across your enterprise to deliver a unified understanding of how you can optimize your business, not just the silos.



On-demand snapshot of your business, your customers, and your competitors.



Real-time visibility into Go-to-Market revenue impact of product, sales and marketing.



Unambiguous, actionable insight into your business strategy.



Seamless search across a centralized, consistent Big Data Lake.

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Learn how MiRi can optimize your organization’s go-to-market, business, and operational strategies




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