We executives live and breathe the imperative to own performance details. A successful enterprise must be led forward unencumbered by infrastructure, and fully empowered by data.

- Suresh Vasudevan, President & CEO, Nimble Storage

CEOs need revenue growth. Yet on their path to focusing on it, they get overwhelmed by other responsibilities—investors, the crisis-of-the-day, or the nonstop flow of unfiltered data. Ultimately, revenue growth makes solving other challenges more feasible; but a lack of revenue growth could begin the search for a new CEO.

Why does Go-to-Market (GTM) drive revenue growth?

GTM turns products and services into revenue by tying together the core pillars of a business —product, marketing, sales, finance, and operations. Large enterprises spend an average of 29.7% of their revenue to invest in R&D (product innovation), sales, and marketing. That percentage increases dramatically for high-growth industries like technology, spending upwards of 37% of revenue. But despite these investments, leadership struggles to bridge their effectiveness and impact on product adoption, pricing strategy, and competitive wins and losses (source: Cyclone Interactive http://www.cycloneinteractive.com/infographic-percentage-of-revenue-spent-on-sales-and-marketing-at-enterprise-companies/)

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