Online Tool Rapidly Assesses Enterprise Leadership Strategic Effectiveness

For Immediate Release

San Francisco – December 14, 2016

Phala Data, a disruptor in the Big Data Analytics solutions market, today launched the CEO Insight Readiness Index, an online tool designed to help drive enterprise revenue. Based on exclusive research and a groundbreaking strategy, the index allows a rapid assessment of CEOs’ and other business leaders’ ability to leverage Marketing, Sales, and Finance data to grow revenue and build strategic advantage.

The CEO Insight Readiness Index evaluates key performance measurements, conveys their relevance in the context of a five-stage maturity model with peer ranking, and provides recommendations and guidance for improving CEO and business leadership access to actionable insight.



“This research initiative and resulting tool precisely represent the strategic challenges addressed by Phala Data’s solutions. The MiRi™ Analytic Platform helps enterprise leadership make better, faster, more informed decisions using actionable insight from a single source of truth,” said Phala Data CEO and Founder June Manley.

Published in partnership with Cyclone Interactive, a Boston-based digital marketing agency, the first generation of the CEO Insight Readiness Index examines enterprise leadership:

  • Confidence in the value and accuracy of Marketing, Sales, and Finance data;
  • Estimation of the time involved in gaining access to that data; and
  • Appraisal of the effort involved in analyzing that data.

“The CEO Insight Readiness Index opens the door to improved C-suite understanding of how, why, and where enterprise strategy falls short,” stated Phala Data VP of Corporate and Business Development Ellen Hassett Cahill. “It also sheds light on how business intelligence solutions are evolving into true best-practice operational platforms.”

Upon evaluating the tool, Raizlabs President Jason Petralia remarked, “The CEO Insight Readiness Index exemplifies Phala Data’s leading role in enterprise solution innovation. Such powerful decision-awareness tools are a business requirement in this day and age.”

The CEO Insight Readiness Index is accessible without charge to registered users at

About Phala Data

Phala Data solutions have a singular goal: to improve business performance. Phala Data’s MiRi™ Analytic Platform is an innovative, Big Data software solution that changes how global enterprises create, execute, and measure their Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies. MiRi, deemed amongst the “Third Wave” of Big Data Analytics solutions by industry analysts, delivers a single GTM control point to business leaders, enabling executives to make data-driven, informed decisions about revenue attribution and effectiveness in real time. More about Phala Data and the MiRi Analytic Platform solution is available