Innovative Go-to-Market Solution Leverages Big Data Analytics to Heighten Enterprise Profitability

For Immediate Release

San Francisco – May 23, 2016

Phala Data today announced the General Availability release of its innovative Big Data Analytics software solution, the MiRi™ Analytic Platform. Licensable on a term basis, the MiRi Analytic Platform matches enterprise Go-to-Market (GTM) requirements with the value proposition of the high-growth, $21-Billion, Data and Big Data Analytics markets.

MiRi helps bring new operational advantage to complex business-to-business (B2B) companies by optimizing and integrating sales and marketing investments, and then placing them in the context of revenue outcomes. MiRi allows a remarkable, in-depth understanding of vital strategic questions such as the ideal customer profile for a product or group of products, the marketing campaigns that best support sales teams in each region and vertical, the combination of products that fare best against the competition, and the pricing strategy that wins more deals and greater margins.

The MiRi Analytic Platform does this with patent-pending technology capable of correlating Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning data seamlessly, using a scale-out, schema-free data lake to create a single source of truth. MiRi then leverages advanced machine and deep learning algorithms to provide action-ready insights to enterprise leadership. Finally, MiRi delivers a single control point from which to monitor and run all of your GTM efforts.

Phala Data Founder and Chief Executive Officer June Manley remarked, “Phala Data’s MiRi Analytic Platform breaks entirely new ground in the enterprise software market. With billion-dollar marketing, sales, and finance investments made around the globe, we’re the first company to develop a solution addressing the complex GTM needs of global enterprises. The positive impact is so great, additional versions of the software already are in development.”

About Phala Data

Phala Data solutions have a singular goal: to improve business performance. Phala Data’s MiRi™ Analytic Platform is an innovative, Big Data software solution that changes how global enterprises create, execute, and measure their Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies. MiRi, deemed amongst the “Third Wave” of Big Data Analytics solutions by industry analysts, delivers a single GTM control point to business leaders, enabling executives to make data-driven, informed decisions about revenue attribution and effectiveness in real time. More about Phala Data and the MiRi Analytic Platform solution is available