Unique Enterprise Software Solution Demonstrates Overnight Results to Business Leadership

For Immediate Release

San Francisco – February 29, 2016

Phala Data today announced the inaugural, proof-of-concept (POC) demonstration of its unique, Big Data Analytics software solution, the MiRi™ Analytic Platform. Within mere hours of the MiRi Analytic Platform implementation, the US-based software division of a Fortune 100 global technology company received immediate, actionable, verifiable results.

MiRi automatically and effectively identified a revenue gap—resulting from direct versus indirect sales—based on accurate mapping of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data. MiRi’s proprietary analytics discerned a more balanced revenue mix—across nine vertical industries—than what leadership had previously noted. And, MiRi identified a nearly 20% lower marketing-influenced average win rate—a marketing ROI shortfall—compared to the overall organization average win rate, based on the company’s Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) data.

Immediately following POC results receipt, the division SVP & GM remarked, “This is exactly what I need, and what I’ve been asking my team to provide for the past six months.” Regarding the experience, the division Chief Information Officer stated, “Only high praise from my team to yours on their knowledge, skills, and ability to understand our data architecture. Great teaming on both sides yielded solid results.”

Phala Data Founder and Chief Executive Officer June Manley replied, “In mere hours, Phala Data has proven our solution’s unique value proposition. What would take weeks, even months, in competing scenarios, the MiRi Analytic Platform accomplished, efficiently and effectively, overnight. We look forward to assisting global, business-to-business companies in their efforts to improve profitability.”

About Phala Data

Phala Data solutions have a singular goal: to improve business performance. Phala Data’s MiRi™ Analytic Platform is an innovative, Big Data software solution that changes how global enterprises create, execute, and measure their Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies. MiRi, deemed amongst the “Third Wave” of Big Data Analytics solutions by industry analysts, delivers a single GTM control point to business leaders, enabling executives to make data-driven, informed decisions about revenue attribution and effectiveness in real time. More about Phala Data and the MiRi Analytic Platform solution is available www.phaladata.com.